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Wm. Alty &Sons Ltd. (The Alty Funeral Service)

We have now been established for five generations and probably started circa 1920 by my great grandfather and our founder William Gregson Alty.

Today we are still a fiercely independent and family run firm with Russell Alty at the helm. We have ten full time members of staff who are all highly trained in certain departments of expertise which go to running a successful funeral business.

We have two operations: the head office so to speak is based in Blackburn and the, second, a new branch is based in Higher Walton and Hoghton.

There are three fleets of Rolls Royce cars starting with the iconic Phantom VI, Silver Spirit and the new Phantom 7 LWB; the cars have been a notable feature in our business for several decades. It is noteworthy to mention that the Rolls Royce Phantom VI hearse is particularly unique in that there are only two left in the world … it has also just undergone a full body refurbishment and is simply breath-taking to look at. Incidentally, it was the same hearse that carried the much-cherished Cilla Black to her resting place and, also, appeared in the sit com ‘Only Fools and Horses’.

I have to mention our longest serving member and colleague Caroline Riley and a director of the business, for she is truly a highly trained embalmer with immense skills and experience. And, occasionally, we sub contract Caroline to Kenyon’s International, a repatriation service, when certain disasters occur and this has taken Caroline to such exotic places such as Thailand after the tsunami, the Libyan air disaster and most recently, the French air disaster in the Alps. Caroline’s experience and knowledge has been passed down to our two other embalmers, namely, Claire (family member) and Amanda.

Although, the business was started by my great grandfather William Gregson Alty, it then chronologically follows with Harry, Nellie, Robert and Wilfred Alty who took the reins during the war years and after; Norman Alty (the modern architect of the company and an inspirational figure) , Marjorie and John Wade,  David Alty, Russell Alty and Claire Humphreys (Norman’s granddaughter).

We believe we have the best facilities and rooms of repose in the area, with eleven rest rooms at Broomfield Place and three rooms at Higher Walton. The ambience of both facilities creates a feeling of peacefulness and quietude, affording one quiet contemplation towards one’s loved one.

You will always be welcome to our home and, indeed , it will be our absolute privilege  to look after you in your hour of need. We place great emphasis that you will always come first and that hopefully you will find us friendly, welcoming and compassionate towards you and your families. Indeed, our level of care and attention for one’s loved one will always remain unsurpassed.

Russell Alty